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Oct. 6, 2020

Recounting Blog Post for missing email recipients

Last week I discovered that I have been doing the email tagging wrong. Over the years, people have been signing up for my email in various ways, such as websites, blogs, podcast appearances, etc. Long story short, when I consolidated the list into my current Network Automation Ninja Site, I missed 50% of the people who signed up.

Here is my dilemma, I spent a lot of time writing the different blog posts so I want to bring it to 50% of the missing people's attention; at the same time, I would like to respect the time of the folks who have already seen the posts. The solution I came up with is to summarize the topics of the posts for the last few months, so people who might have missed them can have a chance to check them out while others can choose to ignore them if they are already aware of them.

Ready? Here is the list:

06/09/2020 Introduction to XML, DOM, SAX, YANG, and Python

06/06/2020 Read Large Text File with Generator

06/30/2020 Using Python Docstring and Doctest for Simple Documentation and Testing

07/07/2020 Installing Cisco Model Lab 2.0 on VMWare ESXi 6.7

07/14/2020 Quick STart for Cisco IOS-XE Guestshell and Python

07/21/2020 Random Notes about Translating My Book Into Chinese

07/28/2020 Medium Blog Interview: Network Programming and the Suitability of Python

08/04/2020 Q&A for LinkedIn Learning Course: Cisco DevNet Associate Cert Prep 1

08/11/2020 How to Improve the CAB Process

09/01/2020 Python name variable and usage

09/08/2020 Capturing Serial Output with Python

09/13/2020 Coding Projects in Python Book Review

PyCon TW 2020 Session Lessons and Thoughts

I hope this is useful to you. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.



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