Getting Started with JavasScript Vue Library Videos

Nov. 17, 2020

Two excellent Vue JavaScript Library Tutorial Videos

In case you are curious, I have been heads down studying front-end web development lately. In particular, I am focused on the Vue.js library. If interested, you can learn more about it on Of course, the first thing I did was to look for materials I can learn from, in this blog post, I would like to share two of the free videos that I have found and liked very much.

Of course, the Vue.js documentation is excellent and should always be a go-to place for anything Vue. But these videos provide end-to-end project creation and development that can tie different concepts together. I have personally gone thru both video courses (amongst others), type out the example code, and validate that they work.

Vue JS Crash Course

This YouTube VueJS Crash Course,, by Traversy Media is about 1 hour long but if you want to follow along and type out the examples it will definitely take longer than an hour. Because of my lack of in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS, I also found myself going back to some of the W3School references when I came across something I am not entirely sure about.

I was quite impressed with the quality of the course, while it is free, it is very informative and the audience can learn the concepts by doing. It is also a bonus that once you are familiar with the style and the way the concepts are conducted, the video channel also provides other Vue and non-Vue-related courses. For me, I also took the Vuex Crash Course for state management. If you feel like knowing a bit about deployment, you can also follow the channel's guide on deploying the application on Netlify.

Vue Native Basics

I typically learn a new topic the best when I am focused on the topic. However, for JavaScript that hadn't worked out too well. Previously when I tried to learn about JavaScript, I would get frustrated and wanted to give up. It would take me a lot of willpower to sit thru the content I had planned and the energy spent trying to keep motivated would take a toll on me and I would eventually get even more frustrated with myself and gave up.

This time I decided to try something different. I decided that I would just let my mind drift and not keep a strict schedule or planned content. The only thing I would commit to is the time spent on learning about Vue-related topics. If I am half-way thru a video or article and start to wonder about how Vue pages can be rendered in a Django app, I would go learn that. If I came across an HTML, CSS, or JavaScript concept that I am not familiar with, I would spin up a small project to test out the concept. This approach has actually kept me learning longer than other times I tried to learn about JavaScript.

Vue-Native is something that I came across during this process. I remember React JS has a related React Native mobile application framework created by Facebook, so I was wondering if there is a similar framework for Vue. Sure enough, I found the Vue Native project that is a derivative from the React Native project that is presented in a Vue syntax. To that end, I learned most of the concept via the Vue Native Basics course,, by Andre Madarang. This is an excellent course that I was able to spin up a quick prototype for a mobile app tie-in with the Elasticsearch backend.

Those are two of the many free video courses that I came across, there are also other paid and free resources that I hope to introduce later on. If you decided to give either a try, I would really be curious about your experience, so leave me a comment if you can.

Happy coding,


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