Linux nload for Real Time Network Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring

Dec. 15, 2020

Quick Introduction to the handy Linux nload tool

As more and more network operating system adapts to the Linux OS, they can take advantage of the various Linux/GNU commands out of the box. Nload ( is a quick and easy tool you can install to monitor network traffic and bandwidth in real-time.


Installation Usage

Installation is pretty straight forward using the package management system of your server:

$ sudo apt-get install nload

Simple Usage Examples

Launching it is just as straight forward:

$ nload

Boom! You can now monitor the network traffic and bandwidth in real-time:


Some of the more helpful options and are:

-m show multiple devices at a time.

-a set the length in seconds of the time window for average calculation.

-t determines the refresh interval in milliseconds.

There you go, I really like these small but useful tools, perhaps one day it will come in handy for you.

Happy Coding!


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