Medium Blog Interview: Network Programming and the Suitability of Python

Aug. 18, 2020

Network Programming and the Suitability of Python Interview

The blog interview from the collaboration between Packt Publishing, JavaResisited, and me is published on Medium today. The title of the article is "Network Programming and the Suitability of Python". What is a bit interesting is the fact that I did this a few months ago so I already forgot many of the answers I gave. Below was my response to the 'best way to incorporate network automaiton in your network':

The best way to incorporate network automation in a network is for the administrator to start learning about the available tools at hand and experiment with them in a safe and predictable environment. Then we can start to implement solutions that are suitable for our networks.

Here is my response to how DevOps and SDN have blurred the lines between network/systems engineers/developers (which I really liked):

There will no longer be silos in infrastructure engineering. In the future, we will not have network engineers, systems engineers, or developers in separate tracks; instead, we will have infrastructure engineers who have a good understanding of the overall picture with special focus on networking, system administration, or code development.

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I hope you and loved ones are staying healthy and safe.

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