New Course on Packet Pushers Ignition

June 19, 2020

Introduction: New Course on Packet Pushers Ignition

I am happy to announce the latest collaboration course with Packet Pushers on their Ignition platform. The course is titled "Practical Python Lessons for Networking":



Here is a high-level overview of the course:

  • Python 3 virtual environment
  • Use Nornir library to query network devices for state
  • Use Python script to detect route changes
  • Leverage Twilio Python SDK for notification
  • Break code into separate functions for re-usability
  • Group code into modules
  • Construct Python packages
  • Shipping Python package with setuptools and wheel

Here is a quick video on the content and what the course covers:

I hope the course can provide value to you on this network automation journey.

Stay safe and healthy,


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