Survey Says... Results from Quick Network Topic Survey

Jan. 26, 2021

Results from Quick Network Topic Survey

Last week as I was doing planning for this year's projects, I posted two quick identical surveys on Twitter and LinkedIn. The main objective is to see what the interest levels are for the various topics I have in mind. There is an inherent "topics-that-interested-eric" bias built-in to the survey, of course, because I only listed topics that I find interesting and would like to dig deeper into. However, I did list an 'others' choice at the bottom and ask for comments, which I will aggregate the results in this post as well.

There are 4 different choices:

I set up the poll to be 7 days each and checked on it daily. Most of the votes came in the first 3 days. I was aiming for at least 40 votes each and ended up receiving over 150 on both, so a big 'Thank You' to those who have participated. Here is a quick glance at the total results, separated by platforms.

Twitter Results

For Twitter, I received 155 votes out of around 2,400 followers. There were a few retweets from the nice folks at pyATS, which I think skewed the results toward pyATS a bit, but that is totally fine, it is in line with the goal of the survey. As one can see, pyATS received about 60% of the votes.


The topics for the 'others' category includes other API frameworks (FastAPI, Django, Flask), Python networking libraries (Nornir, NAPALM, Netmiko), SONiC (my vote, actually), and automation frameworks (Salt Stack).

LinkedIn Results

The survey posted on LinkedIn received 169 votes out of about 3,600 followers. The order of the preference is identical to Twitter results, although Netbox has a bigger percentage of votes. This might have something to do with the audience per platform, or just by chance.


The results from the 'others' category include other API frameworks (Flask, Django), IoT (Raspberry Pi, Circuit Python), and data visualization.


I am happy to see some of the validation for the pyATS and Netbox projects. They are both amazing and deserving of more attention and contribution from the community. Now that I have the priorities, it is time to get on with creating more content for them.

I also want to say 'Thank You' again for the votes, I really appreciate them. Leave me comments here or on either platform to let me know your thoughts!


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